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Crossing Over to the Mac Side

A good IT professional is well-rounded in various types of technology. If you only work with one thing you will miss out on many opportunities. At least that is what I told myself when I convinced that I’d be happy with a Mac. The dive was inevitable and rough at the same time. I am not the owner of a 15 inch, Mid 2014 Edition of the Mac Book Pro with the Retina display. Overall though, The potential is there in the software arena. There need to be more standard development tools available for developers that may not use that . When life gives you an apple you can make apple juice.

MacBookPro - November 08, 2014-3The one front I will and have ALWAYS given to apple that no one can touch them on is hardware. The Mac Book Pro 15″ Retina 2014 is just thin and gorgeous. The screen is spectacular and battery life is by far the best I have ever had. I again have never had any issue with any of their hardware. It’s the software that is my headache. There is a great deal of quirks and procedures that Apple have forced is quite annoying and saddening.

MacBookPro - November 08, 2014-4With a laptop made of aluminum and that price point, I made good use of my Amazon Prime account and purchased 3 things for the Mac Book Pro: an adapter for Ethernet and VGA. Every techie knows that you will still need that Ethernet cord these days. The second item was a keyboard cover to protect the keyboard from wear and tear of the keys. Lastly and most noticeably,  a carbon fiber vinyl cover to protect the Mac Book Pro from scratches. If I bought any thing else it would probably be a privacy screen.

MacBookPro - November 08, 2014I will still have my windows machine. One should be able to help in any arena.


TEDx Telfair Street :: MATTER!

I had the amazing pleasure to cover an event Downtown called TEDx Telfair Street. If you are familiar with TED Talks, TEDx simply means that it was independently organized and setup by a third party. The event took place Friday January 31, 2014 and I covered the event photography.

There were amazing speakers that talked about truly interesting things that is meant to spark ideas and action into the viewers and the minds of those that watched. The theme of the event is MATTER. All of the speakers here that are speaking fall into 4 categories:








Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association’s TechNet 2013


          This past week I had the unique opportunity to attend a Technology Conference called TechNet. TechNet is hosted by an organization called AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications And Electronics Association). The theme of the conference was, “Modernizing for Network 2020 and Beyond:  Empower, Connect, Dominate!” There were many vendors there demoing enterprise technology catering to the Department of Defense. One demo that was popular at the show as you could image is was a war fighter simulation that seem to catch everyone’s eye that was developed by Dell.

While the exhibit floor has many attractions for many, I sat in on one of the keynotes that were going on in the presentation hall. The speaker I happened to sit in on was Lieutenant General Susan S. Lawrence, Chief Information Officer/G-6 United States Army, who gave the morning keynote. Her keynote was based on Network Operational Effectiveness & Security. She spoke the Army of the Future and the direction the Army will be taking through a Networked and Cyber age of Technology. She showed what right looked like as far as a soldier was that was always connected. She mentioned, “…it’s all about staying connected and getting the right information to the right person as soon as possible.” She also spoke about the balance of Enterprise, Business, and Warfighter in relation to Network Operation. After her presentation Chief of Signal Major General LaWarren V. Patterson presented a token of appreciation for speaking and serving our country.

It was an awesome conference and i’d recommend to anyone interested in the DOD or the Army and is a Techy.


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