Campaigning for SGA

     I recently started to run for President of my Undergraduate Student Government Association and a part of running for President is Elections. With there being elections, it prompted me to make a campaign flyer. Which led me to realize that when I put up the flyers I will want to push out the information as well:
SGA President Flyer_Facebook - Google+ - Twitter
     I started to make the flyer in Photoshop and then someone mentioned if it is using text and plan to be printed it’s best to use Illustrator. So I started standard flyer on Art-board 1 and created it in its entirety until it was complete… Next I created a second board with a 1X1 ratio which is primarily for Instagram. Lastly I created a third art-board with a 9×6 ratio for the other social media sites like Facebook, twitter, and Google+
Here’s a template available for download for all three art-boards that you can get for free. I figured since I made the flyer I might as well put it out there for others to get some use out of it.
Template Campaign Images
Here’s the Download Link and Illustrator File:

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