Time for a Logo Re-Design

Roughly 2 years ago I made a logo for my website through Photoshop that I was satisfied with long before I had the Creative Cloud. It was a pain to make the corners of the ribbon as well as the (3D) wall effect in Photoshop as well.

Recently I have been on a mission to use more of the other Creative Cloud applications to attempt to get my money’s worth out of them. I found out that logos and other graphics were better created in Illustrator, so I this is what I came with. I am still a noob at illustrator, but not too shabby for my fist go at it.

Overall I wish I had the direct selection tool inside of Photoshop CC… It alone made manipulating corned easy and simple to do. Like the Ribbon corners.

Exercising to KEEP you going

zumba-3Exercising by way of music or dance is by no means a new or revolutionary concept, but it is definitely a way to motivate yourself to continue exercising when you get discouraged or don’t feel like exercising. I personally have done structured exercising programs like Shaun T’s Insanity that are great at pushing you to exercise. Recently I took pictures at an International Festival at Georgia Regent University put on by the Jaguar Production Crew and they featured a local Zumba group that danced to about 7 songs back to back and it seemed like a great cardio exercise that a lot of people seemed to enjoy. I personally have never done Zumba, but I know there are loads of people who do it and see results. Photographing them on stage though required me to use a faster shutter speed since, in Zumba, they are moving pretty fast. Find something that gets you active like music or a video and do exercise to it other than the normal day to day things to keep you exercising.


While I was at the festival I also made a neat Auto Awesome Video that I will include in this post for your pleasure of watching that includes a good bit of Zumba footage and how everyone enjoyed it as well.

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