My Issues with the ChromeCast!

Well first off, I can’t complain too much since it’s 
35 Bucks

Overall It works well and does what is says it will do, but I have some issues controlling it from device to device.

When I start a Youtube video from my #Nexus4 and try to control it with the #iPad it doesn’t work well. General initial casting and starting a video from all of the sources work well. Obviously the android interface and interaction with Chrome cast works better than the desktop as well as #iOS. The reason I say that because it works better on #Android because when I cast something on #YouTube it makes an ongoing notification and can easily come back to it. On the iPad if I navigate away from the remote interface and try to come back it takes it as I want to cast that video again from the beginning.

Since I see on #XDA that you can root it now. The developer in me is getting excited for the future and I can’t wait for the other networks to implement the api in their app. The rumors say #HBOGO will be next which will be EPIC. Once #Amazon jumps on board too then all is complete.

Michael Banks 

A Soldier, Photographer, and Developer

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