My Issues with the ChromeCast!

Well first off, I can’t complain too much since it’s 
35 Bucks

Overall It works well and does what is says it will do, but I have some issues controlling it from device to device.

When I start a Youtube video from my #Nexus4 and try to control it with the #iPad it doesn’t work well. General initial casting and starting a video from all of the sources work well. Obviously the android interface and interaction with Chrome cast works better than the desktop as well as #iOS. The reason I say that because it works better on #Android because when I cast something on #YouTube it makes an ongoing notification and can easily come back to it. On the iPad if I navigate away from the remote interface and try to come back it takes it as I want to cast that video again from the beginning.

Since I see on #XDA that you can root it now. The developer in me is getting excited for the future and I can’t wait for the other networks to implement the api in their app. The rumors say #HBOGO will be next which will be EPIC. Once #Amazon jumps on board too then all is complete.

Is Orange Really the New Black???

Over the past week or so I stumbled onto this +Netflix original. I recently enjoyed a good bit of Netflix original like Hemlock Grove and the Infamous House of Cards. The quality of content that Netflix has become to do with the help of ChromeCast is going to keep me subscribing to Netflix a little bit longer.

Orange is the New Black is definitely an original idea that is different and intriguing at the same time. The reason I like it so much is the because there is a symbiotic nature to the characters and their situations. Not one of them is overpowering the show more than another and while there is a main character they don’t harp on and on all about her. They don’t introduce everyone’s problem too quickly like in other films. Another realistic quality to it are the sort of, and forgive me for my Game of Thrones reference, houses or lands that they come from. They achieved a nice well rounded series with only 13 episodes, which in some cases series that have 24 can’t even achieve. I usually have a favorite character, but I didn’t in this series.

Overall it was a great series as all of Netflix originals have been so far.They ended the last episode with a nice epiphany (cliffhanger), so I look forward to the next season of it. If you have a #Netflix account I definitely recommend you watch it because apparently Orange Is the NEW BLACK!

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