House of Cards got me back on Netflix

With +Netflix releasing quality shows like House of Cards will definitely keep me with an account on Netflix. I must say I was debating on cancelling it.

I have been a little bit away from Netflix in the past few weeks and Netflix has had a drop in users in reports that I have been seeing. House of Cards was definitely an awesome production. It baffles me every time it comes on that it is a Netflix Original. House of cards is good on many levels since it shows the the reporter and media side of the line and the political side of the line, which is what was missing from The Newsroom. The actors fit the roles and I must say that Kevin Spacey is great in this series. I like that Netflix released the entire season in one swift motion. It shows that Netflix is really keeping up with the wants of today’s time. There’s been reports of a world wide drop in productivity and I am sure a boost in activity on Netflix servers.

Now the One Million Dollar question: Can they keep it up?

If you have a Netflix account and you are into Politics, Media, and how a Pissed person gets their revenge, this is a definite MUST WATCH!

Here’s a link to it:

Michael Banks 

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