The Ultimate Hangout Prank…

I am in Google+ Hangouts all the time and some people do some annoying things. Don’t you just hate it when someone leaves the hangout for an extended period of time? Well here’s what you do to teach them a lesson. This is a harmless, but funny prank if done right… lol. 

I Call this prank: Black Boxed

  • Have everyone in the hangout load the Hangout Toolbox (hangout app)

  • Load the overlay through the Hangout Toolbox and enable. (Make Sure Everyone Does It)
  • Enjoy the reaction on their face when they return. (TIP: Save as a preset for quick access)
You can definitely be creative in hangouts and if you have a prank please feel free to share, they are a lot of fun.
I also would like to thank +Michelle Li +Stormy Henderson +Kim Beasley +Kyle Salewski +Anthony Ramos +Danielle Best for participating in this prank.

Michael Banks 

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